We are certified specialists in the planning, design and carrying out of national and international Technical Academic, Corporate and Cultural Missions.

Our integral solutions hold up to the highest standards of quality and are based on the more than 30 years of experience as a touristic operator, human resources and technologically specialized, contact and alliances with academic institutions and corporate governmental organizations at an international level.

Who Are We

The technical academic missions are spaces where the management of the knowledge and abilities which fortify the capacity of teams whose mission objective is interrelated.

Missions allow participants to share knowledge and experiences, know tendencies, successful cases and visualize opportunities starting with the identification of common necessities satisfied with a full theoretical and practical agenda developed at whatever latitude of the worlds by hand of qualified experts.



According to the needs and interests of our clients, for 2017 we have foreseen a focused of material of GOVERNABILITY AND STUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; ENVIRONMENT, MINING AND PUBLIC SERVICES AND ECONOMY AND BUSINESS, directed towards trustees and teams, congress people, deputies, councilors and mayors, functionaries of oversight bodies, senior management and corporate teams and managers of initiatives of the private sector of civil society on these subjects at the national, regional and local level.

We are able to manage TECHNICAL ACADEMIC MISSIONS on diverse topics around the world. We possess a PRIVATE AGENDA of TECHNICAL, CORPORATE AND CULTURAL ACADEMIC MISSIONS, designed and managed for the particular interests of businesses, associations, private events and special groups. If you are interested in this service. .





The experiences of our clients…worth more than a thousand words:

“This knowledge allows us to see innovative, successful ways of public administration and a tool to local public services.”

Gilberto Toro Giraldo. Executive Director of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities.

“It is there where on discovers that world has a wider scope and that perhaps from the regions there are potentialities which could be adapted.”

Adolfo León Escobar Pineda. Pradera Mayor – Valle del Cauca 2012 – 2015.

“It is a very enriching experience in addition to being very positive, since it allows us to interact with entities which at an international level represent us.”

Cristina Otalvaro. Neira Mayor – Caldas 2012 - 2015.