A personalized methodology designed with a base in more than 30 years’ experience in the market , supported by the technological tools constantly being developed, allowing us to carry out projects which fully comply with the expectations of our clients. We have highly trained professionals and experts in diverse activities which allow for a personalized touch at each step of the process.


  • Meetings on information-collecting in order to know the needs, objectives and expectations of our client in regards to the mission.
  • Strategic adjustments of missions from our public agenda according to the collection of information and/or design of the tailor-made missions.
  • Expert advising on the development of agendas and destinations.
  • Inspection and negotiation visits in order to guarantee venues, contents and complimentary services according to the needs and abilities of our clients.
  • Strategic alliances with national and international institutions, businesses, and governmental entities as much in academic as in logistical subjects, which translate into the best relationship of quality/cost/benefit.
  • Processes and tools of massive and personalized information/communication of the relevant aspects of each mission, as much for the making the decision to participate as for the process of preparation of the trip during the mission.
  • Execution of projects focused on workshops of theory and practice with case studies, strategic visits, participative analysis and discussion forums about topics of interest, complimented by a vision of the environment and experiential activities of culture and entertainment of the diverse cultures visited.
  • Development of memories and management of certifications of academic completion.
  • Provision of integral services: visa processing to whatever country, insurance and coverage, airline tickets, terrestrial part, accommodation, food, agenda programming, constant accompaniment of a bilingual guide.