Countries which currently do not require Colombians to carry a visa

1. Andorra 14. Georgia 26. República Dominicana
2. Argentina 15. Guatemala 27. Rusia
3. Bahama 16. Honduras 28. San Cristóbal y Nieves
4. Barbados 17. Israel 29. Samoa
5. Beliz 18. Kosovo 30. San Vincent and the Grenadines
6. Bolivia 19. Jamaica (up to 30 days) 31. Singapore (up to 14 days)
7. Brazil 20. Maldives (up to 30 days) 32. Hong Kong
8. Chile 21. Mexico 33. Trinidad and Tobago
9. South Korea 22. Palau 34. Turkey
10. Dominica (up to 20 days) 23. Panama 35. Uruguay
11. Ecuador 24. Paraguay 36. Venezuela
12. El Salvador 25. Perú
13. Philippines (up to 30 days)

Countries part of the European Union

1. Germany 10. Finland 19. Luxembourg
2. Austria 11. France 20. Malta
3. Belgium 12. Greece 21. Norway
4. Czech Republic 13. Hungry 22. Netherlands
5. Denmark 14. Iceland 23. Poland
6. Slovakia 15. Italy 24. Portugal
7. Slovenia 16. Latvia 25. Sweden
8. Spain 17. Lithuania 26. Switzerland
9. Estonia 18. Liechtenstein
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Remember that while abroad your document of identification is your passport which should be protected and maintained in a safe place in order to avoid loss or theft of it. In case of loss, the first thing you should do is inform the local authorities of the loss of documents and go through the necessary procedures or complaints indicated. Authorities should produce a certificate of the loss. You should immediately communicate with the closest Colombian Consulate or with the CIAC of the Chancellery in order to solicit help in order to process a new passport. Have in mind the request of a passport ordinarily takes 5 to 8 business days abroad. In the event you have also lost your Colombian national identification card the process of getting a new passport could take longer since you should first inquire of managing the issuing of a duplicate of your identification card in order to begin the process for a new passport.

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If traveling with children have in mind…
  • You must bring the civil registration of each child you travel with. If the child is over 7 years old national identification card is not enough. In order to leave the country you should have a copy of the registration since only with this can the relation of child to minor can be verified.
  • In case the child travels with only one of their parents they should bring an authenticated letter of permission to leave signed by the parent not present; in whom it is clear the destination, departure date, and full name of the adult accompanying the child and arrival date. (These dates may not be removed and should correspond to the date of departure from the country). In the event the letter of permission is modified departure from the country could be refused.
  • If the child is traveling alone a letter of permission must be signed by both parents.
  • The form “Authorization for Permission of Minors to Depart the Country” can be found and downloaded at:
  • In the event that one of the parents has parental authority of the minor, a card from the ICBF must be in possession or one commissioned by the family to certify it.
  • If through the deeds one of the parents has given permission for the child to leave permanently you should take into account that Migration officials are obligated to verify there have been no modifications in the past months. For this, for the permission of children and adolescents to depart the country permission granted by public writing before a notary in Colombia or abroad , or before a Consulate of Colombia abroad a constant vigilance is required in order to indicate the instrument and its content have not been revoked by the grantors. Records should be requested from, the same notary or consulate as the other deeds and with a validity which does not exceed 30 business days before the date of the trip.
  • When the process is done in a notary (or the entity in which it is done in another country), in order for it to be recognized in Colombia, you must take into account the sentence C412 of 2001, which establishes the legislation will have in mind, as set out by Colombian legislation of documents which are derived from those who have not ratified the Hague Convention on the elimination of the prerequisite of the legalization of foreign public documents; the documents which are derived from countries which have ratified this agreement, should be apostilled (certified authenticity of signature).
  • In case of the loss of a minor abroad, look for the closest authority call the emergency telephone numbers in the country you are located and communicate with the Colombian Consulate closest to you. In addition, communicate with the Chancellor through the webpage 24 hours a day.

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First ensure your passport is still valid. There are countries which require a minimum validity in order to enter. If you have or have had court proceedings verify before the appropriate office of the validity of any restriction to leave the country. By disposition of judicial authority: Judges and prosecutors within their jurisdictive power may restrict the fundamental right decreeing or withholding manners to ensure that to prohibit the departure of the country those who are involved in the penal, labor or familial process the appearance of said person in the process. On criminal matters: A judge defines manned to ensure among those is the prohibition to leave the country anyone who is found involved with a criminal process. Family law: A judge may define prohibition to leave the country as one who has been sued for provisions. By personal mandate: Those interested, mother or father, in their own right to prevent their child from leaving with the other parent or a third party. Administrative act: The lawyer of the Family or minors of ICBF. For protection of the children this is regulated by the code of infancy and adolescence.

In accordance with the established Decree 0834 of 2013 in its art. 52 it is necessary to present:
  • Valid passport or a valid identification document which would replace it.
  • Visa or valid permission according to the case.
  • National identification number for Colombian nationals or corresponding national identification for a foreigner.
  • Travel document for the specified cases by norm.
It is important to have clear the travel document is the Passport and it is not inconvenient not to have the original national identification card always present when signature is certified or without certification if it is the first time processing the identification card.
There are two essential documents needed in order to enter the United States of America legally: the visa and the passport.
Visa: Document given by the Embassy of the United States; permits entrance into the USA to work, study or simply visit any of its cities. There are three types of visas, the tourist visa, work visa and the student visa. In this case we are soliciting the Tourist Visa.
To process the visa requires the following documentation:
1. Passport with a validity of at least six months. We cannot process passports containing any kind of foreign substance (talc), damaged by moisture, broken or missing pages, or other wear and tear from abuse or misuse. “As of August 31, 2015, only visas with a mechanical reading system are allowed in the new passport, previous passports though they may not have lost their validity will not be taken into account and their appointment will be rescheduled when there is issuance of a new one.”
2. The DS-160 Application for Nonimmigrant Visa (we fill it out at the travel agency) after you have sent us a form containing all the information in full.
3. Take into account all the following recommendations:
  • The Consulate where you are going to present is in BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA.
  • You must send us a photo electronically. You should also bring this photo to your interview. The consular unit does not recommend a specific photographer; they only require that your photo meets the following requirements:
    1. Photograph size 5 cm x 5 cm.
    2. Color photo.
    3. Recent photo that reflects your current appearance.
    4. White background.
    5. The photo should be taken completely from the front (the person cannot be looking to the right, to the left, up or down), and the face should cover approximately 50% of the area of ​​the photo.
    6. The facial expression should be neutral (no smile).
    7. The ears should be fully visible; women should put up their hair.
    8. Your hair should not be covered, except for religious reasons
    9. Glasses with transparent lenses, hearing aids, or similar items are acceptable if used daily.
  • Supporting documents, such as work certificates, deeds, extracts and tax certificates are often presented by the applicant to demonstrate their links to Colombia; however, the information provided directly by the applicant at the time of the interview is of equal or greater importance..
  • Documents from the United States, such as INVITATION LETTERS, proof of business contacts, etc., may be helpful in clarifying the travel reasons that are attached by the agency, but are NOT as important as those indicating the ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, familiar and professional situation of the applicant.
Note: For youth between 14 and 17 years of age, it is necessary to present a personal interview with all the necessary documents to apply for the visa, and to the interview can be attended by their parents. Starting at the age of 18 you must present a personal interview. Children under 14 are not required to be interviewed.

The following are the suggested documents that you can present on the day of the appointment at the American Embassy to apply for your visa. However, it must be taken into account that the presentation of these documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa. If possible, submit originals which will be returned to the applicant.
Verification of employment:
  • Physical passport.
  • 2 Printed photos 5x5 color white background.
  • Work certification issued by the Mayor's chief of staff indicating: monthly salary, position, length of service and days awarded for your trip.
  • Recent payroll checks.
  • Discounts from payment (ISS or EPS).
  • Family compensation fund card.
  • Act of possession.
Economic solvency:
  • Letter of responsibility of expenses signed by the treasurer of the municipality on sheet letterhead (If the mayor, Assembly, personnel or company assumes the expenses of the person who travels.)
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate (if required).
  • Commercial registration form (if required).
  • Certification of income and / or withholding tax for the last three years.
  • Bank statements from the last six months. (Personal and the institution that assumes the expenses of the person traveling).
  • Property deeds possessed by applicant.
  • Copy of authenticated marriage certificate (issued in the last three months).
  • Balance of personal accounts.
  • Certification of available credit card quota.
  • For minors, copy of the authenticated birth registration (issued in the last three months).
  • If it is the responsibility of the parents, submit their documents and notarized responsibility of expenses letter. Attached model.
  • Professional card or Student card.
Note: To apply for the visa, you must go to the United States Embassy in Bogotá. It will be required to DEMONSTRATE THE SUFFICIENT ECONOMIC SOLVENCY as to support the stay.

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